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Christine Meuris

Hearth, 2024

"…we were home, we had drawn the circle, we were safe for the night.”

                                                -Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking

A friend once asked me whether artists wrote their statements after they made their work.  Did they “make up” the meaning of their work?  I answered, “of course!  At least I do.”  

The first piece I made for this show, Fading Star, came from wondering whether a quilt pattern would read if I defined only the negative space on translucent fabric.  The idea came from a quilt I was sitting under in the fall of 2023. 

And when I was sitting under that quilt, I know I was also thinking about how I had recently lost my mother to cancer and one of my dearest friends in an accident within one week, and that a war had broken out between these two events – and how I was no longer drinking to cope with any of it.

Over the months, as I worked on iterations of the quilt pattern idea, I was reclaiming a greater capacity for coping with these tragedies, personal and global. What bloomed in the place of nightly drinks, was a fierce love of returning to the safety of home at the end of the day – the drawing of the circle as Joan Didion put it - even while knowing how quickly it can all be lost.  Love it while you’ve got it.

So the meaning of this show was not clear to me when I started.  But now I see that I’ve made a series of tenuous “quilts” and a series of pieces referencing crewel work, which have emerged as symbols of home and hearth, beautiful, sweet even if potentially fleeting.

-Christine Meuris

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